Sxfire Sales Champion Team Of The Year

2021-07-10 13:39:25

In 2017,From September to November , our  international trade business team organized a performance competition for outstanding achievement . During three months’ competition, the Eagle Team and the Domestic business team performed outstandingly and won the final competition. The company rewarded 5,000 yuan for two teams. Provincial Tour Fund. The two  teams organized one day Tour :"Quanzhou One Day Tour."

The trip starts at 7:30 a.m, the first place we visit is at the West Street of Quanzhou. We enjoy a delicious breakfast at the West Street, and then go to Quanzhou Kaiyuan Temple, which is a famous sightseeing spot in Quanzhou. Kaiyuan Temple is one of the 18 scenic spots in Fujian province. It is located in Quanzhou West Street that is an important part of the southeast coast of China. Cultural relics and historic sites are the largest Buddhist temples in Fujian Province. The main buildings in the temple include the Tianwang Hall, the Tripitaka Pavilion, the Main Hall, the nectar ring, and the East and West Towers. The Kaiyuan Temple’s Twin Pagodas are the tallest pair of stone pagodas in China. Resisted the Wanzhou M8 earthquake and many typhoon tests in the Ming Dynasty, they still exist complete now. After visiting Kaiyuan Temple, we went to have lunch at Haidilao which is a very popular hot pot restaurant,  then we went to  running kart Club , it is next to Quanzhou West Lake . We take three kart cars, gallop on the track to celebrate our victory in the performance competition. In the afternoon, we arrived in Jinjiang City, to enjoy dinner at Glory Hotel, their restaurant is characterized by its circular turntable. When you have your dining , the turntable kept spinning at a constant speed, so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful night scene at the same time, 360-degree overlooking the city of is really spectacular.

On this plentiful day, we enjoyed the famous snacks in Quanzhou, visited Quanzhou’s famous scenery, and experienced the fun of racing. Quanzhou is really a city with charm. Quanzhou Sanxing Fire-fighting Equipment Co., Ltd. warmly welcomes you to visit Quanzhou.