Fire Fighting Water Flow Indicator

Item NO.:ZSJZ50-ZSJZ150
Market Price:5
Price Range:$500-$2000/4.5
Product Origin:Fujian
Shipping Port:XIAMEN
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Product Detail

ZSJZ Serial water flows indicator is used in the automatic sprinkler system and installed in the main or branch flow pipe. The flow indicator we manufacture has both ZSJZ(A) delayed circuit and ZSJZ(B) non-delayed circuit, of which there are seven kinds of specifications respectively, 50,65,80,100,125,150,200, to meet the different requirements.

The water flow indicator is installed on a spray pipe in a protected area to monitor the flow of water. If a fire occurs, the sprinkler is exposed to high temperatures and bursts. At this time, the pipe water will flow to the bursting sprinkler, and the hydraulic power will flow. Pushing the flow indicator action (also a rubber blade placed in the pipe), the water flow indicator is used to monitor the flow of water and does not link other equipment.

The water flow indicator is a sight glass instrument valve. It is suitable for industrial production pipelines such as petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, medicine, food, power plant, pump, etc. It can observe the turbidity of liquid, gas, steam, and other media at any time through the window and measure the medium. The flow rate response is one of the pipe fittings that are indispensable for ensuring the quality of normal production. The connection method includes threaded type; flange type; welded type. The water flow indicator can also be used in a sprinkler system. The fire fighting water flow indicator can be installed on the main water supply pipe or the cross-bar water pipe to give an electric signal for the flow of water in a small area of a sub-area. This electric signal can be sent to the electric control box, but It is usually not used as a control switch to start a fire pump.

Technical Parameters

Installation Method

Flange Type

Saddle Type

Welded Type

Thread Type




Nominal Diameter(mm)

DN50 DN65 DN80 DN100 DN125 DN150 DN200

Rated Working Pressure(MPa)


Delay Time(s)




Switch Volume

AC220/3A DC24V/1A