Fire Hydrant

Quanzhou Sanxing Fire-fighting Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1993. Our company has
12 engineers, 33 technicians and 500 other employees and occupies a building areaof 60000 square
meters.With our staff and management’s joint effort, our fixed assets are now worth more than USD60,000,000.

The indoor fire hydrant is a connection with a valve installed on the fire service pipe network in a building to supply water to the fire site. it is a fixed indoor fire control equipment in factories, warehouses, high -rise buildings, public architectures, and ships, etc. fire hydrant company is used to extinguish the fire in the buildings, usually installed in a fire hydrant cabinet, and sued together with firewater hose and fire water nozzle. As fire hydrant manufacturer, the SN, SNW, SNJ, SNZJ, SNSS, SNSSJ types of indoor fire hydrants produced have all passed the inspection of the national quality supervision and inspection center, with guaranteed quality, safe and reliable. the users can use them at ease.